Monaco International Boat Show 2016

Monaco International Boat show 2016

Yacht Show in Monaco – a perfect chance for a good bargain!

Choosing yachts by photos and description is too boring for you? At the end of September you have a great opportunity to take a look on the biggest, fastest and most gorgeous vessels from all over the world… or to find the buyer if you own a yacht. At this time in the heart of the Europe, in Monaco, the legendary yacht show takes place.

This festival of luxury and real Vanity Fair will last for 4 days. And if you want not just to see everything and have a high old time, but to strike a good bargain, it is time to call for the professional. The yacht broker will help you to make out documents and protect your interests irrespective of whether you are seller or buyer.

“Atlantic Yacht & Ship” is the one of the biggest companies who helps the future yachtsmen to choose, purchase and register the boat, and the ship owners – to send the yacht over to the right caring hands.

Monaco show 2016


Decided to buy a yacht on the Monaco Yacht Show?

Call the “Atlantic Yacht & Ship”, and the yacht broker will help you to choose and purchase the vessel upon the favorable terms. Hurry up – there’s not much time left!

We shall meet you in Monaco and will be accompanying you through all three days of the festival. We shall guide you through all expositions and recommend the most interesting yachts exposed in this year.

monaco international boat show

Thanks to the yacht broker, you:

  • Won’t waste your time! Tell us about a yacht of your dream; specify its type of equipment (sail or engine), sizes and purpose. Whatever if you want to make a journey round the world or just to fish in shore – you shall find what you need!
  • Will choose a really good vessel. The broker shall check all the documents, help to inspect the yacht and uncover the defects. There shall be no “surprises” after the purchase!
  • Will be able to make a secure bargain and register the vessel. The broker shall pass all milestones of purchase and registration for you. You just need to take the wheel!

The yacht broker ensures confidentiality and legal compliance of the bargain.

Monaco yacht show

How to sell a yacht quickly on the Monaco Yacht Show?

We know: if you are in Monaco, you own really outstanding vessel. And, if you’re planning to sell it, to find a new owner, a man who is ready to invest heavily in the gorgeous yacht, there shall be difficulties. However, you shall be able to find a buyer with the yacht broker!

The “Atlantic Yacht & Ship” possesses the biggest client base. The Company is well-known and it has a good reputation in the sphere. The wealthy people, who are ready to buy an expensive yacht, address to it. And it means that you can expect the fast search of the buyer. And that’s not all: your entrusted yacht broker shall undertake all questions on the paperwork.


Monaco boat show

Having trusted to the broker, you can count on:

  • Accompanying through all the yacht show.  If you only arrive in Monaco, we shall meet you, help to place the yacht and set all the formalities.
  • Communication with potential buyers. Broker shall become the intermediary between you and the future owner of the boat; help you to find a common language, show the yacht to the interested people while you have a rest.
  • Guarantee of the safety of transaction. Don’t worry – you shall protect your interests with broker. The specialist shall check all the documents and help to organize the sale so that you reliably received your money.
  • Confidentiality. Only three people will know on your bargain: you, the buyer and broker. You can be sure of it.

The broker shall protect you and your yacht even if the bargain is stricken on the yacht show.

Have a rest, satisfy your curiosity, socialize – that is exactly what the Monaco Yacht Show is held for. The broker from “Atlantic Yacht & Ship” shall take care on the legally sound and safe bargain.


Take a look at the largest yachts of the 2016 Monaco International Boat Show list. Click to see the full yachts list.

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