Boat Show

Sydney International Boat Show

Sydney, Australia

03 Aug 2021

- 07 Aug 2021

At the beginning of August in the southern hemisphere probably the most considerable event in the commercial sphere and on the yacht market takes place. However, Australia does not really …

Cannes International Boat & Yacht Show

France, Cannes, Port de Cannes

12 Sep 2021

- 17 Sep 2021

Traditions has to be honored. Cannes was the most beloved town of the Russian aristocracy in the end of XIX century. It was also a lifeboat for those aristocrats thinking …

PSP Southampton Boat Show

Southampton, UK

15 Sep 2021

- 24 Sep 2021

Three days boat shows not always allow you to see everything that is presented at the exhibition and visit every event available. Those who would like to have time to …

INTERBOOT – International Watersports Exhibition Friedrichshafen

Germany, Friedrichshafen

23 Sep 2021

- 01 Oct 2021

Germans prove again that even being landlocked the country can organize a big boat show. Not only in Hamburg where you can get from Baltic sea, but also in the …

Monaco International Yacht Show

Port Hercule, Monaco

27 Sep 2021

- 30 Sep 2021

This yachting show became international immediately. This is not surprising as independent of how high the level of life is in the kingdom, there are not too much boat owner …

Grand Pavois de la Rochelle

La Rochelle, France

27 Sep 2021

- 02 Oct 2021

In the latter half of September on the Atlantic coast in La Rochelle a unique exhibition focusing on multi-nozzle boats takes place. Trimarans and catamarans are at the very heart …

Gulfcoast Yacht & Boat Show

Golfport, Mississippi


Gulfcoast Yacht & Boat Show is carried out in the first half of April in Golfport, the State of Mississippi. Here, on the large river, production from 150 companies from …

Fiera Internazionale Di Genova

Genoa, Italy

30 Sep 2021

- 05 Oct 2021

What the Italian yacht should look like? And Italian exhibition? May be it should be small, but sophisticated with the great selection of boats and nobility visitors? Visiting Genova in …

Barcelona International Boat Show

Barcelona, Spain

11 Oct 2021

- 15 Oct 2021

In the middle of the fall when the loud rumble on the Catalan beaches abates and coastal hotels of Spain become empty something special starts in Barcelona. To the two …

Hamburg International Boat Show Hanseboot

Hamburg, Germany

28 Oct 2021

- 05 Nov 2021

The North Sea and the northern lifestyle is how one can characterize an essence of this exhibition. This is how the slogan sounds as well. Hamburg International Boat Show Hanseboot …

Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

31 Oct 2021

- 04 Nov 2021

Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show is one of the largest yacht exhibitions in the world. It is carried out in the first days off November in Fort Lauderdale (Florida) yearly. …

China Xiamen International Boat Show

Xiamen, Fujian, China

06 Nov 2021

- 09 Nov 2021

China conquers the markets and competes with the USA, at least in its part of the world. And China manages it perfectly. Yacht world is not an exception. Of course, …

METS – Marine Equipment Trade Show

Amsterdam, Netherlands

14 Nov 2021

- 16 Nov 2021

B&b format is typical for yacht festivals. Not everybody would have a courage to hold such an event: the chance of not recruiting the minimal quantity of guests when your …

Fort Myers Boat Show

Fort Myers, Florida

16 Nov 2021

- 19 Nov 2021

In the first decade of November the regular show in Fort Myers will take place. More then forty years thousands of producers and professionals in the world of yachting, future …

St. Petersburg Power & Sailboat Show

St. Petersburg, Florida

01 Dec 2021

- 04 Dec 2021

This show can attract your attention due to the following reasons. Firstly, the name of the city that is situated way more to the South than its famous namesake. This …

Strictly Sail Chicago

Chicago, Illinois

11 Jan 2022

- 15 Jan 2022

February is very fruitful for boat shows. Almost all over the world at the same time about a dozen of festivals take place. Most of those are rather large. One …

Central Gulf Coast Boat, Sport & RV Show

Lake Charles, Louisiana

13 Jan 2022

- 15 Jan 2022

Are you attracted by a free parking or a convenient hotel when you are choosing a boat show? Or are you more interested in the extend of exhibits, program and …

Kansas City Boat & Sportshow

Kansas City, Missouri

19 Jan 2022

- 22 Jan 2022

Кansas City attracts not only yachtsmen. In the end of January all the amateurs of water sports such as fishing, hunting and tourism. Kansas City Boat & Sportshow meets thousands …

Minneapolis Boat Show

Minneapolis, Minnesota

19 Jan 2022

- 22 Jan 2022

In USA there are plenty of events for the people with any interests and financial resources. You can find purely entertaining shows, commercial exhibitions and events that are focused on …

Los Angeles Boat Show

Los Angeles, California

19 Jan 2022

- 22 Jan 2022

Atlantic coast of the USA is not the only place where yachtsmen like to spend their time. Pacific coast has also some boat shows to offer. At the west side …

Fredericksburg Boat Show and Water Lifestyle Expo

Fredericksburg, Virginia

20 Jan 2022

- 22 Jan 2022

What is 10 years for the festival? If you will compare that to the largest boat shows in the world that is not a long period of time. But any …

Milwaukee Boat Show

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

20 Jan 2022

- 29 Jan 2022

The large yacht show where you can get aquatinted with the novelties and choose your perfect yacht takes place in the third decade of January in Milwaukee (state Wisconsin). Milwaukee …

Dusseldorf Boat Show

Dusseldorf, Germany

21 Jan 2022

- 29 Jan 2022

What is surprising is how a boat show can take place in the center of Europe, many hundreds of kilometers away from the sea? Is it possible to gather the …

Louisville Boat, RV & Sportshow

Louisville, Kentucky

25 Jan 2022

- 29 Jan 2022

If you are an excessive tourist who loves to live actively and adores fishing than Louisville Boat, RV & Sportshow is for you. Here you can find everything for intense …

New York Boat Show

New York, USA

25 Jan 2022

- 29 Jan 2022

USA is one of the largest manufacturers of yachts. No surprise that even at the national boat show americans are ready to suggest a huge choice of yachts and boats …

Baltimore Boat Show

Baltimore, Maryland

26 Jan 2022

- 29 Jan 2022

In the end of January and the beginning of February one of the largest covered yacht shows takes place in Maryland. All the exhibits are situated in the congresss-center where …

Moncton Boat Show

Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

26 Jan 2022

- 29 Jan 2022

Moncton Boat Show is a significant event in the world of yachting. It is organized annually in the end of March, in the town of Saint John. Organizers have only …

St. Louis Boat & Sportshow

St. Louis, Missouri

26 Jan 2022

- 29 Jan 2022

Mach is marked with several events that are very important for the potential boat owner. St. Louis Boat & Sportshow is among them. It is a festival that brings joy …

Jacksonville Boat Show

Jacksonville, Florida

27 Jan 2022

- 29 Jan 2022

The show takes place in Jacksonville, Florida, in the middle of April. It is worth to remember this place and time if you are a fan of sea and river …

Seattle Boat Show

Seattle, USA

27 Jan 2022

- 04 Feb 2022

In Seattle on the West coast large and very long boat show takes place yearly. This show is very well known far beyond USA borders. Thousands of people (exponents and …

St Louis RV Vacation and Travel Show

St. Louis, Missouri

02 Feb 2022

- 05 Feb 2022

Experienced yachtsman and one who is only willing to buy a boat has to visit St Louis RV Vacation and Travel Show. It is not only a boat show, it …

Goteborg Boat Show

Goteborg, Sweeden

04 Feb 2022

- 12 Feb 2022

Does it make sense to organize a nine-days long boat show in the midst winter (beginning of February) on the North sea shore? Why isn’t it better to schedule this …

San Antonio Boat Show

San Antonio, Texas

09 Feb 2022

- 12 Feb 2022

Мany festivals dedicated to one or another type of vehicle combine several trends. For example, at the bike show you can fly on the small private jet, at the car …

LaCrosse Boat, Sports,Travel,RV and Hunting Show

La Crosse, Wisconsin

09 Feb 2022

- 12 Feb 2022

What do travel, hunting, fishing and hunting have in common? Probably the main thing is that you can combine all these activities. For example at the LaCross festival, Wisconsin. At …

Halifax International Boat Show

Halifax, Nova Scotia

09 Feb 2022

- 12 Feb 2022

Coming to the festival in New Scotland you will not spend these for days in vain. Halifax International Boat Show is an event that is really remarkable for Halifax, for …

Istanbul International Boat Show

Istanbul, Turkey

11 Feb 2022

- 19 Feb 2022

The history of Turkey as a EU member state and a typical European country is not that extensive. One cannot actually cal Turkey European country as oriental traditions and religion …

Eurasia Boat Show

Istanbul, Turkey

11 Feb 2022

- 19 Feb 2022

Eight and a half thousand kilometers of the coast is the good reason to start your own yacht show. Actually, Turkey has way more reasons for this. The main goal …

Belgian Boat Show

Gent, Belgium

11 Feb 2022

- 19 Feb 2022

If you are choosing which yacht festival you have to visit first and have a little idea of where to go, Belgian Boat Show will be the best option for …

New England Boat Show

Boston, Massachusetts

11 Feb 2022

- 19 Feb 2022

Visit New England Boat Show before going to the next journey. Here, at the large international exhibition in New England, in Boston, the huge choice of accessories, equipment, accessories (engines), …

Central Ontario Boat Show & Sale

Hamilton, Ontario

15 Feb 2022

- 18 Feb 2022

«To buy and to shop» is a goal of many people coming to the festival in Hamilton. On the US board, in Ontario, on the coast of lake Ontario this …

Miami International Boat Show

Miami, Florida

15 Feb 2022

- 19 Feb 2022

You can come from a February blizzard under the hot sun of Florida without any special reason. But there is a special occasion as here, in Miami, in the middle …

Duluth Boat, Sports, Travel & RV /Deer Classic Show

Duluth, Minnesota

15 Feb 2022

- 19 Feb 2022

Traveling, sport and yachts – that is everything that a modern successful man who got bored in the office needs. If you are one of them come to Duluth, Minnesota, …

Grand Rapids Boat Show

Grand Rapids, Michigan

15 Feb 2022

- 19 Feb 2022

There is a tradition in western Michigan. Yearly new boats, motorboats, yachts, pontoons that are not yet released to the market and are very new to the customers are presented …

CNY Boat Show

New York, USA

16 Feb 2022

- 19 Feb 2022

February is a very intense month for yacht shows. It is very puzzling fact taking in account geographical position of the boat shows and the weather in the end of …

Utah Sportsmens Vacation & RV Show

Sandy, Utah

16 Feb 2022

- 19 Feb 2022

If the area of your interests runs far beyond yachting and you would like to learn something new in the area of fishing and hunting, «wild» or «civilized» tourism, including …

Ford Indianapolis Boat, Sport & Travel Show

Indianapolis, Indiana

17 Feb 2022

- 26 Feb 2022

Тhis exhibition does not limit itself to yachting, Besides boats you can find thousands of exhibits and stands dedicating to sport and tourism in Indianapolis. Occupying 650 thousands square feet …

Zagreb Boat Show

Zagreb, Croatia

22 Feb 2022

- 26 Feb 2022

Enjoying a majestic show and amazing for the second half of the February weather is a part of a package when visiting Zagreb in Croatia. At that time the huge …

Outdoorama Novi

Novi, Michigan

23 Feb 2022

- 26 Feb 2022

If you are not interested in prestigious yachts and one-day sails 5 to 20 kilometers away from the shore, if you do not like traditional vacation with «all inclusive» hotels, …

Dubai International Boat Show

Mina Seyahi, UAE, Dubai

28 Feb 2022

- 04 Mar 2022

When we speak about Dubai, we imagine exclusive hotels, cars for which luxury actually seem s to be poor, artificial islands and … of course, magnificent mega yachts. If you …

New Orleans RV & Camping Show

Kenner, Louisiana

03 Mar 2022

- 05 Mar 2022

In New Orleans, not so far from the Mexican gulf a new event dedicated to the active tourism will take place for three days in March. New Orleans RV & …

BC Boat & Sportsmen’s Show/BC Hunting Show

Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

03 Mar 2022

- 05 Mar 2022

During three days in the first half of March the hunting, fishing, water sports and yachts amateurs may come to the large scale festival in Abbotsford. Here, close to the …

Stockholm International Boat Show

Stockholm, Sweden

04 Mar 2022

- 12 Mar 2022

Yacht festival that takes place in the beginning of March not that far from the Russian border in another European country – Sweden- and is eight days long can attract …

Moscow Boat Show

Moscow, Russia

08 Mar 2022

- 11 Mar 2022

Russia cannot boast a large number of yacht festivals, but some of the boat show are carried out here after all. One of them takes place in Moscow in the …

HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show

Amsterdam, Netherlands

08 Mar 2022

- 12 Mar 2022

Potential and professional yachtsman does not always have an opportunity to visit a boat show on his own or accompanied by someone who shares his interests. The case when one …

Wind and Water Boat Show

Warsaw, Poland

16 Mar 2022

- 19 Mar 2022

Former Soviet countries do not suggest a large variety of boat shows with the long history. Only in 1990-1991  the first festivals started to be organized for the boats owners …

Ultimate Sport Show – Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids, Michigan

16 Mar 2022

- 19 Mar 2022

Show takes place in Grand Rapids, Michigan in the last decade of March. Please do remember that you can visit one of the oldest, large-scale, and interesting exhibitions at your convenience. …

Edmonton Boat & Sportsmen’s Show

Edmonton, Alberta

16 Mar 2022

- 19 Mar 2022

There are not a lot of pure, classical boat shows in Canada. Such events most probably would not be able to have very large audience especially in the condition of …

Worcester Boat Show

Worcester, Massachusetts

17 Mar 2022

- 19 Mar 2022

In the middle of March in Worcester (State of Massachusetts) a boat show uniting enthusiasts not only from America but also from all over the world takes place. Show allows …

Norwegian Internationall Boat Show

Oslo, Norway

22 Mar 2022

- 26 Mar 2022

Norwegian Internationall Boat Show is one of the most large-scale, interesting, and original shows in the world. In the middle of March thousands of people from Europe, Asia, America to …

Palm Beach International Boat Show

West Palm Beach, Florida

23 Mar 2022

- 26 Mar 2022

Only 100 kilometers from Miami, to the North from the Bahamas you will find a small cozy town where tens of thousands of yachtsmen, fishermen and simply fans of motorized …

Northwest Sportshow

Minneapolis, Minnesota

23 Mar 2022

- 26 Mar 2022

Whether you are an experienced tourist, yachtsman or just a man tired from winter, Northwest Sportshow is an amazing way to spend your leisure time. Coming to this 5-days festival …

Singapore Yacht Show


06 Apr 2022

- 09 Apr 2022

What can the small island offer to yachting professionals? What the country without enough of territory and sufficient resources can brag about? As the history shows such countries can show …

SouthWest International Boat Show

League City, Texas

06 Apr 2022

- 09 Apr 2022

4 days in Texas, in League City, at the end of March a large-scale a boat show, one of the largest in the region, takes place. SouthWest International Boat Show …

Bucharest International Boat Show

Bucharest, Romania

06 Apr 2022

- 09 Apr 2022

Traditionally in the beginning of March the yachtsmen and the manufacturers of yachts are coming to Romania. Bucharest International Boat Show is considered as one of the most useful for …

Rosehill Gardens Boat Show

Rosehill Sydney, Australia

09 Apr 2022

- 17 Apr 2022

As the country that occupies the whole continent, Australia can be proud of not only extensive interest to the sea industry but also of the industry itself. Hundreds of manufacturers, …

Southeast US Boat Show

Jacksonville, Florida

21 Apr 2022

- 23 Apr 2022

Before the navigation season starts it is worth to take three days in the first half of April off and to visit Southeast US Boat Show, where you can replace …

China (Shanghai) International Boat Show

Shanghai, China

26 Apr 2022

- 29 Apr 2022

China with its ancient history and traditions of ship craftsmanship and navigation is not concentrated at its culture and traditional technologies, but masters the modern market. It also starts its …

Internautica International Boat Show

Portoroz, Slovenia

04 May 2022

- 07 May 2022

If you look for the best way to spend May holidays with the maximum use, pay attention to Internautica International Boat Show, an exhibition of yachts and boats having the …

National Safe Boating Week

Manassas, Virginia, USA

20 May 2022

- 26 May 2022

National Safe Boating Week is the major event not only of yacht craftsmen and yachtsmen, but also for experts in the field of safety and an security on the water …

Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show

Sanctuary Cove, Australia

25 May 2022

- 28 May 2022

In Sanctuary Cove in Australia at the very end of spring one of the largest, fascinating and interesting international boat show is carried out. At this exhibition about five hundred …

Korea International Boat Show

Goyang, Korea

25 May 2022

- 28 May 2022

The sea industry of Asia always knew how to please, and there are other large players on this market except China. One of them is South Korea. Here not only …

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