Southeast US Boat Show

Before the navigation season starts it is worth to take three days in the first half of April off and to visit Southeast US Boat Show, where you can replace the yacht or to modernize your own, to look at novelties and simply to get a lot of positive energy and inspiration for future fulfillments.

Southeast US Boat Show is a show that gives to yachtsmen pleasure from new openings, and offers new clients to sellers for two dozens of years.

The program of yacht show includes:

– hundreds of exhibits: boats, yachts, equipment, accessories;

– dozens of seminars, lessons, master classes;

– live music;

– performances of experts, renown in the world of yachting.

Not only manufacturers of yachts can find their clients here. Yacht brokers who are ready to offer thousands of options of yachts for sale, and to show the best from what they have, also come here. On seven hundred parts of the land and a huge floating in the sea dock you will be able to spend all the time of an exhibition, communicating with adherents and discovering new yachts for yourself. It is enough to place thousands of visitors, but if you plan to arrive here for three days, you should take care of hotel room reservation in advance. Tens of thousands of people come here.

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