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In cases when among other things like beauty and delicate lines of an ocean yacht you can appreciate the speed, safety and the other technical features, having a custom yacht built at the Admiral shipyard would be your ideal choice. Since early 1980s the company is used to building exceptionally fast yachts and is able to offer the widest choice of planning and displacement boats.

The owner of the Admiral brand is the CNL Group. It was founded, along with the Admiral, by the same man - Aldo Ceccarelli. Nowadays the yard is managed by his wife and daughter.

New yachts by Admiral are the fast, reliable, comfortable boats, equipped by modern engines and comply with the strictest ABS and RINA regulations.

CNL production line does not only consist of small size boats. Planning super yachts, over 30 meters in length, are also widely presented. The largest Admiral’s creation is the three level flybridge yacht and is 44 meters long.

In 2005 CNL has combined their efforts with T Marrioti yard and created the AMY consortium. The new company specializes in building displacement yachts starting from 54 m long. The biggest consortium’s projects of today are the 58m and 67 m yachts. In 2016, the 169-foot Admiral Emotion yacht will be ready to see the light. The exterior has been designed by the Dobronravov Design Company.

The so-called ‘cherry’ on the topping has become the modern system of controls implemented in this yacht. There is no steering wheel in a regular sense of the word – all the steering is done with the help of the tablet or the regular desktop computer.

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