ALDEN/CUSTOM represents the legendary American yachts

ALDEN/CUSTOM makes the yachts built in the Alden Yachts shipyard. The company founded by John Alden in 1909, has finished its way 99 years later, in 2008. The shipyard was located in Portsmouth (Rhode Island). They built hundreds of sailing (with the length from 43 to 73 feet) and motor (40 to 60 feet) yachts. All of them were custom manufactured, many of them were designed for severe weather conditions.

Already by 1932 Alden Yachts gained the worldwide fame. The yachts constructed under the guidance of Alden, won in the sailing regattas and races. The legendary Malabar in different variations won the competitions in 1923, 1926, 1932, respectively. During 99 years, more than 1,000 vessels of various sizes and types were built in the shipyard.

Even after its closing this yachtbuilding company is well-known. On the market of used yachts it is possible to see a lot of Alden vessels. Some of them still preserve the original specifications and design, while others have been changed. The ALDEN/CUSTOM yachts are wide known, they were custom manufactured in full compliance with the customer requirements.

The ALDEN yachts made it into history of the American shipbuilding and largely influenced its development. Today, the part of a vessel collection made by Alden, is placed in MIT's Hart Nautical Collection (Cambridge, USA). But some yachts are presented on the market of second-hand vessels and available for the usual buyers.

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