Argos Yachts is revolutionizing the yachting industry

Argos Yachts, formed in 2006, is revolutionizing the yachting industry with unsurpassed style, design, performance and durability customized especially for each new owner. The design team at Argos is comprised of some of the finest industry professionals, and has been driven to its current success by the naval architectural expertise of world renowned, Howard Apollonio. This company certainly puts their heart and soul into the painstaking build process, and upholds the very highest in quality standards to ultimately achieve a perfect end result.

The current lineup is a limited production series, a concept never conceived or carried out in the marine industry, taking all of the hiccups from other builders into consideration to craft a product with un-compromised quality, seaworthiness, transoceanic range and offering a superior yachting experience. Only three yachts from each semi-custom model will be built each year, a guarantee that Argos puts in writing, with the semi-custom available in lengths of 70-100 feet, and the fully-customized available in lengths of 105-145 feet.

The idea to limit production was simple, though the care and quality that goes into each Argos Yacht far from it. Argos uses only the finest in building materials, from the wood and stone they choose, to rich fabrics and hides, right down to each and every piece of hardware. The owner is actively involved throughout the entire customization process, placing his/her signature on the final product, ultimately insuring the utmost in distinction and overall superiority in the value of the investment.

The Argos “limited edition” series is exclusively built by Tricon Marine, who can also be credited with the “semi-custom” line of NISI Yachts, in addition to delivering purity in customization to its long list of discriminating owners. The pervasive and gleaming reviews, coupled with continued recognition from marine industry professionals, has facilitated this company’s catapult to the top of a long list of fellow builders. It is this author’s belief that they will remain there for quite some time.

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