BRISTOL YACHTS - the first vessels made of fiberglass

BRISTOL YACHTS is one of the first companies that started to successfully produce fiberglass vessels. The shipyard was founded in 1966 in the United States by Clint Pearson. Previously, Pearson made the boats in his garage, experimenting with the new material that was fiberglass. In 1997, the company was closed due to bankruptcy.

The first vessels of the shipyard were aimed at the mass buyer. These boats were inexpensive and were built from simple practical materials. Later, the company began to produce semi-custom yachts, trawlers and ships with individual design. Today, some of the boats made by BRISTOL YACHTS are on sale. The ships are in excellent condition, some of them have been restyled and overhauled.

The boats that were released in the 90's are mostly the custom sailboats that are in good demand of the buyers. Many of them are highly appreciated by the sailors and people who are willing to invest in a good boat. At the very end of its existence, the shipyard produced just good fiberglass boats. These vessels are also still available for sale.

BRISTOL YACHTS was closed, but the company left a rich legacy - thousands of boats of different configurations. Some ships are finished in mahogany, mounted on bronze screws. The original finishing did not remain of all the yachts.

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