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Catalina Yachts is a brand that needs no advertisement. Catalina clippers do not try to chase blatantly flashy exteriors, they go for harmony – fine curves in combination with sharp edges, deep V-shaped structure, widened bow, premium rosewood, teak, oak, cherry or maple wood trimmings.

The Catalina Yachts Company offers its clients a wide choice of excellent affordable boats. Besides from genuine delight from riding these yachts you will also have a vessel that easily preserves its price high enough to resell it, if need be.

The model line of Catalina Yachts consists of the following: the Sport series with yachts from 8 to 25 m long, intended for short one day trips; the Cruiser series, with roomy mid-size yachts ranging from 28-37 meters in length and large size yachts from the Ocean series, which are 38-47m long, made for serious endeavors on great waters.

It is completely irrelevant which type of vessel you chose that goes along with your image and life style, with Catalina Yachts you will receive the most positive yacht owning experience. If you are looking for a reliable American manufacturer it is time you gave Catalina Yachts a closer look. Catalina Yachts -- over half of a century of successful yacht building experience.

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