Custom Carolina - the custom-made boats from the United States

Custom Carolina is a group of shipyards in the United States that is producing the custom-made boats, as well as reconstructing the ships and modernizing the yachts of the customers. Here you can choose a ready-made ship that has been renovated, or order the construction of the yacht according to your own specifications.

The buyer can get a boat that he had always dreamed of. And it does not need to look for it among the series models of other shipyards or among the old boats. It is enough to contact Custom Carolina, to get exactly what you need. Each of the ready-made boats in this category has its own history, its strengths and achievements. These yachts are bright and unusual, they were produced according to the customerХs orders.

Many vessels are made of fiberglass and composites - these are the popular materials today. The manufacturers easily work with them, because the composites and fiberglass allow to make any form of the boat. But in the catalog you can find the vessels made in a more traditional way, using steel and aluminum.

If you want a stylish and reliable boat, you shall come to Custom Carolina. These boats are noteworthy not only because they have been upgraded. They have their own "flair". Each boat can be appreciated by looking at the catalog. All specifications are detailed for each of the vessels.

The boats of Custom Carolina are made in a traditional American style. They have a smooth bow line, some models are equipped with a flybridge. The shipyards produce the pleasure and fishing boats as well as the boats for cruises and travel.

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