DERELI - the luxurious Turkish yachts

DERELI is a company aimed at production of the most luxurious boats in the world. Founded in Istanbul (Turkey), it is specialized in the megayachts with rigging and diesel engines.

R. B. Dereli Yachts is producing the custom-made ships only. The company pays great attention to the design and make the yachts, on which it would be safe and comfortable.

DERELI is cooperating with the best European designers and adopts experience of the proven yachts builders. There are guided by the latest technology. The main material for the hull is fiberglass, so the company can build a few boats per year, using the ready-made molds. The final cost of such vessels is less due to the use of fiberglass.

Even the sailing yachts of DERELI look rather modern and are characterized by a high speed. Due to the additional electronic systems you can individually navigate such a vessel, without the help of the crew and the captain.

The motor boats, manufactured in Istanbul, have a good reputation among the companies that provide charter services and organize cruises. These are the cost-effective commercial vessels that pay off in two to three years after purchase.

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