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Deluxe yachts for yachtsmen.

Doral is a Canadian building yard, which has existed since 1972. The demand for them on the yacht market is great. The company is very popular among the Americans, in New Zealand, Australia and Great Britain.

Nowadays, Doral Yachts specialize in sport boats and cruisers from 4 to 14 meters long. The yachts are very high esteemed on the American market as well, even though they have domestic made cruisers as well. The thing is, American builders are unlikely to present yachts with a sophisticated European design. Doral, on the other hand, possess very original architecture. For example, they’ve got a forward leaning radar arch, plenty of bending lines and surfaces and incredible variety of electronics aboard. It’s a no brainer, that a lot of other people, beside Americans love these yachts.

Moreover, Doral yachts are so popular because they match people’s idea of comfort. Doral call their yachts “Mercedes of the sea”. “We want to be as famous as the Mercedes cars on land”, - says firm’s chief designer. Well, it looks like they have achieved it, and their signature style is among the first to be responsible for it.

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