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In order to reach success in motor yacht business it is not enough to just invest money into the brand promotion. You have to actually prove that your brand is better, your product is faster and more reliable than your competition’s. And that is only achievable by utilizing the latest innovative technologies.

The EDGEWATER company went along that exact road, not simply designing new boats, but creating their own ‘know-how’ technologies, which consequently are being used in the yacht production.

Every new Edgewater yacht is unique in the way it was constructed and technically equipped. If you simply require a regular white yacht that you could take out for a spin for a couple of days, then Edgewater yacht is not for you.

The company is targeting the professional audience, those, who love and appreciate yachts, who follows the technological progress and is ready for new solutions. Corporations, serious yachting athletes and active families – these are the backbone of Edgewater client base.

EDGEWATER has great selection of affordable yachts, boats, tenders and fishing vessels for sport, diving, water skiing and of course, the cruises. The essence of each Edgewater yacht is not only a methodically planned unique designs, but genuinely innovative technological solutions, successfully executed into reality.

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