ESTEREL - the truly French longevity

ESTEREL is a French shipyard, located on the island of Sainte-Marguerite, near Cannes. The access to it is just by sea.

Full company name is Chantier Naval de Esterel. It has existed since 1936. In the past, the vessels were built here. All those wishing can have access to the boats produced and launched in the 60s of the last century.

Today ESTEREL is engaged in restoration, repair, re-equipment of the yachts and ships. No matter how difficult the failure is, it will be eliminated here without problems. The shipyard is able to repair the hull, design the new interior, deal with the electrics. They are working here with wood and metal, treat the hull and deck with the protective materials.

ESTEREL is a shipyard that once produced a lot of legendary yachts. The classic motor ships with a hull made of mahogany, covered with teak, equipped with the modern diesel engines, once were admired throughout the world. They are distinguished by a low-key design, spacious interior, convenient operation.

The ESTEREL boats were built a long time ago, but this should not frighten the future owner. A few years ago they were renovated and equipped with the latest engines and control systems.

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