EUROCRAFT - the luxury available for the chosen ones

EUROCRAFT is an Italian company that is producing the modern motor yachts - the high-speed and cruise ships.

The company was opened in 1989 and is engaged in construction of the boats up to this day, in collaboration with two other companies. In 2000 the owner decided to expand the business by engaging the experts from the three companies in order to establish the largest and most modern shipyard. And he was able to do it - the shipyard was opened in Vado Ligure (Savona), where they could build the boats and ships of 60 meters in length and more.

From the very outset EUROCRAFT began to build the modern, exclusive, large ships for the private customers. The company has moved away from the standards in the field of yacht building. Year by year, from yacht to yacht, its specialists are improving the technology and quality. It is possible to notice the EUROCRAFT yachts from afar - its dimensions and luxurious exterior boggle the imagination. It is hardly possible to identify some common features inherent to the vessels under this brand. Each of them has a unique hull shape, unique design and unique structure. Each new yachts is faster and more comfortable comparing to the previous one, each of them is made according to the individual project, focusing on the customer's wishes.

EUROCRAFT is not just a houseboat, not just a means of transportation and a symbol of boundless freedom. It is attribute of a true success.

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