Grady White

Safety first

It is nearly impossible to find another sport boat made from fiberglass like Grady White. These yachts are unique by their combination of North Carolina shipbuilding heritage, personal boatcraft culture, modern safety technologies implementation and the love of good fishing.

To say that Grady White is quite good – means to say nothing about these coastal yachts. The safety level is so high that not one owner in more than 50 years of company existence risked his life during fishing or pleasure riding. The success of making and selling these boats for more than half of the century of the company’s history is explained by the fact, that every employee is not only being a high class professional, but also dedicating most of his life to fishing, healthy life style and protection of the environment. All of these principles are introduced in Grady White as well.

One of the company’s slogan is the phrase: “Yes, you can afford yourself a Grady White”. A family boat purchase is quite justified and only by the price. The price to quality ratio of Grady White boats is very balanced and you can tell it from the first day of owning it. The Grady White’s team is regularly working on improving the smallest details in order to make a good boat into a perfect one.

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