GULFSTAR - the representative of the "golden age" of fiberglass yachts

GULFSTAR is a large American shipyard that produced the fiberglass sailboats and motor yachts. The company existed from 1970 to 1990. In 1990, its assets wer bought by the shipyard Viking Yachts.

GULFSTAR was located in Tampa Bay (Florida). It was founded by Vince Lazzaro - one of the first creators of the fiberglass sailing yachts. He once founded Columbia Yachts that built the boats with the length of 36-72 feet and the sailboats with the length of 36-63 feet. Coming out of the business, he immediately founded Gulfstar Yachts.

The first boats of the new company belonged to the budgetary price segment. Lazzaro set a goal to enter the market with inexpensive yachts and minimized the costs. However, in the mid-70s he switched to the high-quality speed boats. In 1984, the company produced the motor yachts with fiberglass hull with the best speed and performance. This period was the "golden eraУ of Gulfstar. At this time, the company manufactured a range of sailing yachts for charter in the Caribbean sea. Alas, soon after flowering the shipyard faced the sunset. Already in 1986 the company began to talk about a merger with Viking Yachts, and four years later, its assets were bought.

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