ISLAND PACKET YACHTS - the classic sailing sloops

ISLAND PACKET YACHTS is building the ships in Largo, USA. The shipyard was founded in the 70s of the last century by Bob Johnson - a naval architect, who before the establishment of his own shipyard had worked at Irwin Yachts and Endeavor. With extensive experience in the field of shipbuilding and the desire to build a better boat, he founded his own company.

In the 70s in the world of yacht building everybody tested new materials, and the engineers sought to make the new yacht designs. Johnson was no exception. He also wanted to build a fast sailing sloop, avoiding the extremes. Some shipyards produced vessels with a very long keel that provided the sailing ships with stability. Other companies made a U-shaped hulls of the yachts.

Johnson found a way out by producing a sailing sloop with classic features and at the same time avoiding excess. Today the boats of ISLAND PACKET YACHTS still correspond to the classical standards and retain their perfect shape. The sailboats have a flybridge, many models have no hardtop. The masts are made of robust material - carbon fiber.

The sailing vessels at the shipyard are made of modern materials. In the 70s the companyХs founder gave preference to fiberglass. This material is still used for construction of the boats. Due to fiberglass the yachts that had served for more than a decade, looks like new ones. The brokers can offer both the old sailboats of this shipyard, and the new ones, recently launched in Largo.

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