The Oldest Shipbuilder of the New World

If you are looking for an affordable yacht, equipped with a motor and convenient steering system and want to receive maximum of opportunities at the same time, Larson boats is just what you need.

Larson is a genuine trend setter in the motor yacht segment. The product of this yard is highly reliable, decent comfort, with superb sea performance. From the moment of its foundation in 1913, the company has earned the right to be called the best shipbuilder in the United States.

Motor yachts and boats by Larson are equally acclaimed by both the professionals and amateurs. There is a reason for it though:

The first one – they use the patented Delta Conic entrance lines that increase the lifting force during the planning and protect the passengers from splashes.

The second – they utilize special multilayer material, made using the Americore technology, which is basically two layers of fiber plastic and the polyurethane filling. Such panel allows reducing the weight of the yacht as much as possible and lowering the engine vibrations during its work.

And the third one, of course, is the attention to the smallest details: Larson will never let itself selling even an affordable yacht with bolts from regular steel - every screw, every button, every little element is made from stainless steel only. Not mentioning such “details” as ergonomic chairs and wood-trimmed control panel.

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