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Luhrs Corporation builds fishing and recreational cruisers and sport motor yachts in four different modifications (hull length 11.8 to 13.56 m). The company is part of Luhrs Marine Group, founded in 1800 by Henry Luhrs. At first, Luhrs was just outfitting and fixing the boats, later on he became an owner of one. His grandson, Henry Luhrs Jr., began building fishing and recreational boats and also did some repairing. The business went so well, that his sons were already making up to a thousand boats of various types per year. In 1965, a transnational corporation bought out the company and his sons, John and Warren, were left without work. However, the family traditions prevailed – four years later, they bought a small-time yacht building company and resumed manufacturing. In 1973, their first 25-foot yachts saw the light of the day. It was called Cerubini and had a certain success in the market.

Some more time has passed and the brothers already had four companies at their disposal, under one common name - Luhrs Marine Group. The technologies and building solutions stayed the same that were used in previous types of boats. That is why motor yachts of Luhrs Corporation are made by the same standards as Hunter Marine, showing best results in American races.

Luhrs Corporation makes their yachts in 45 countries of the world, focusing on middle size vessels, mostly for European and American consumers.

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