American Trawlers – the all-time classic

If you were looking for the roots of Mainship creation, you would need to draw your attention to the year 1830. It was when a scrupulous German immigrant to New York, Henry Lars, set up a delivery of European ships to the United States. Only 100 years after that, his grandson has organized his own shipbuilding business. In his turn, his great grandson, already a fool-bloodied American and a namesake, Henry Lars with his sons created Luhrs Marine Group Inc. In short time, the corporation became the yacht-manufacturing leader of North America. Presently, the group is responsible for such famous yacht brands as Silverton, Hunter and Luhrs, not counting Mainship itself.

The brand was founded in 1977. From the start, Lars brothers made their goal to win the market of the commonplace classic trawlers. After the fuel crisis in 1973-1974 those efficient boats were at great demand. Small size vessels, looking more like fishing trawlers were greatly adapted to family yacht recreation.

There were times when the company’s management sidestepped from the American traditions of shipbuilding. But these short “European” periods weren’t so successful. By the end of the 90’s the company has finally returned to manufacturing trawlers. Modest, fuel-efficient models blend moderation and functionality – comfortable, without the excesses of luxury. Five boats from the Mainship 35.5 to 47.9 ft. model line have kept its appeal for almost 40 years now.

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