Maiora – finesse and original solutions

It would be strange if Mediterranean country like Italy was left outside the world shipbuilding industry. Meet Maiora – the Italian manufacturer. It builds yachts with typical Italian expression and delicacy at the same time.

Maiora is a branch of FIPA Italian Yachts, founded in 1980 by husband and wife Francesco Guidetti and Mino Cantucci. At first FIPA was manufacturing hulls for the boats that were ordered from the other yards, but later in 1985 they attempted building the entire boat themselves, making their first yachts.

The yachts were small and were only 14 to 20 meters long. In order to start making bigger boats they had to purchase another boatyard in Viareggio at the beginning of 1990s. Almost right off the start, they were making their 34 m boats, which gave the company its fame on the global scale.

After that, they decided to make truly original yachts, and with that in mind, they bought out another yard in 2001, the AB Yachts, where they started their water-jet engines yacht manufacturing.

It goes without saying that all the Maiora yachts are elegant and technologically perfect, with the design simply impeccable, like anything Italian.

But the progress is constantly moving and bring with it new and advanced materials. The modern success of Maiora is tied with manufacturing motor boats with hulls made of fiberglass armored with plastic or in another terms - GRP (glass reinforced plastic). The new material quickly earned its popularity in the world, so Maiora was there to rip the fruit of success.

In 2005, the company tried itself in super yacht class, building their first 43-meter long aluminum and steel model called Maiora Lighea.

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