Monte Carlo Yachts

Italian design from a French group.

Some things are impossible to combine. Monte Carlo Yachts proves the opposite. They build yachts that have Italian character, but French heart. Indeed, for many years now, this company have managed to build not just superb Italian style boats, but also pay attention to smallest details in the way only the French can do – elegantly and with passion.

Monte Carlo Yachts does not spread itself thin – they focus on building the comparably small 30-meter yachts that have potential and merits of the 100-meter boats. Unique smooth lines, rich interiors, abundance of expensive materials – all of that is not something you get off a conveyor belt. Such yachts are like beautiful painting that draw attention. The manufacturer tried to imagine and recreate something very rare and exclusive. The “Luxury” grade that is given to Monte Carlo yachts is traditionally used to describe larger and longer yachts, but nonetheless, any model from this French group literally breathes luxury.

The manufacturer didn’t forget to complete the package with functionality, safety and comfort, because that is the company’s philosophy. The legacy passed on from Beneteau Group lets the company of today utilize more than 100 years of yacht building experience. Nowadays, Monte Carlo yachts are built at the most advanced factories using the latest inventions and cutting-edge technologies.

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