MOTION - the steel superyachts from the Netherlands

The MOTION shipyard is located in Zelhem, Netherlands. The shipbuilder designs and produces the quite large yachts. The company deliberately does not use fiberglass and composites in the construction of yachts. Rejection of modern materials in favor of the steel and aluminum is substantiated by the manufacturer with the fact that traditional materials are more reliable.

Fiberglass can be burnt, this material is not characterized by strength in the case of accident. The fiberglass technology are ideally suited for lightweight speedboats and coastal pleasure boats. But this is not the best solution for the large ships. The manufacturer guarantees to the buyers of ships that they will be in complete safety, using the yachts of MOTION.

The company is producing the luxury vessels that are reliable and safe, because they are made of aluminum and steel. The interior and exterior design of the ships is prepared by the well-known experts. The shipbuilder can produce the custom-made boat, taking into account the requirements of the customer.

The superyachts with a flybridge and bright hull is a classics of the manufacturer. The client can choose one boat from serial designs, and even order the construction of the vessel based on the existing model. The yachts from the Netherlands are in high demand in dozens of countries. They have the customers in Russia. The customer can choose and purchase one of the superyachts of the company at the brokers. The brokers offer both new and used vessels. The used boats are in excellent condition. Steel and aluminum boats are not subject to the influence of time.

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