OCEAN MASTER - the shipbuilding master from South Florida

OCEAN MASTER has been building the ships in South Florida since 1975. The shipyard has 40 years of experience in construction of the fiberglass boats with a center console, fishing boats for serious fishermen. Made of the highest quality materials, the Ocean Master models have become he synonyms of stability, comfort, speed and cost efficiency. The shipyard offers an entire range of boats with a length of 18 to 33 feet. The customers can choose the vessels with a central console among the express layouts. The boats are built here in South Florida, and the customers come to the shipyard from all the places around the globe.

The shipyard has a lot of options of boats for the fishermen, divers and sailors, as well as for those who want to organize a holiday for the whole family. The vessels are built for each owner individually, so you can be sure that you get a boat that you really want, whether it is a vessel for sea fishing, cruising purposes, water sports or just water recreation with the family.

The vessels under this brand are chosen by the professional sea lovers, fishermen and sportsmen. Ocean Masters are also used by commercial organizations for towing operations and rescue missions throughout the world - even the US Navy used these boats in one of their most complex operations in the offshore area. The shipyard is located in Stuart, Florida, it has been constructed and sold the semi-custom boats for four decades. The masters of the shipyard combine their expertise and technology to create the best boat for you.

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