Italian quality, record-breaking speeds

Italian group of companies OVERMARINE became known to the general public due to two of its brands - Mangusta and Mangusta Oceano. Founded in 1985 by Balducci family in Viareggio, it became not only popular, but a leading manufacturer of open displacement mega yachts. Besides the luxury mega yachts, the wharf also builds coastal guard vessels under the Effebi label.

The company hasn’t wasted almost 25 years of its existence in vein: OVERMARINE became the place where the most successful of yacht assembly technologies were developed and implemented, letting it to come out on top of the leading charts of Italy and the rest of Europe as well.

Today, OVERMARINE group includes 10 manufacturing facilities, located in Pizza and Viareggio, total area of which exceeds 190 000 square meters. The company also owns a factory in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl., along with other seven offices, covering the rest of the world.Under the Mangusta brand they build fast premium class motor boats. As they primarily belong to the open class yachts, they have found a lot of fans among the residents of the French and Italian Riviera. These semi-customized yachts are capable of reaching the speed of up to 50 knots and over.

During its history, the company was able to sell more than 300 yachts. That is quite impressive for this type of boats.

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