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Palmer Johnson is an American company and one of the most popular yacht brands in the world. German Gmac and Hans Johnson founded the first wharf in the late 1918 for fishing vessels and sailing boats manufacturing.

The very first yacht was built in 1926 and brought success for the company. But they didn’t manage to fully switch to yacht manufacturing right away. The war has started, and the company was making rescue boats and navy ships up to 20 m. long. After the war has ended, they started making yachts and sailboats up to 10 m.

In 1956 the original owners have changed and in another five years the company was sold to Pat Haggerty, who managed the construction of a new aluminum boat Isanti, then came a ketch Firebird – the biggest sail yacht at that time made of aluminum.

Nowadays, the manufacturer is rightfully proud of its best yachts. Among them is an aluminum speed boat - Fortuna, 30.5 m long, a legendary yacht Turmoil, which has circled the world three times and many international events, including American regattas, award-winning yachts.

Starting from 2000s the company began manufacturing its sport yachts, particularly its main series Sport. The first supermodel from that series, PJ 120 Coverdrive, was extremely successful in the United States. Even the financial crisis didn’t stop the making of this series, the demand has only grown. At this time another two tycoon yachts have been constructed – Vantage and Helios 2.

The real technological revolution for the company happened in 2013, when the new PJ 210 boat with carbon hull was built. The speed this yacht is able to reach is up to 28 knots per hour.

Palmer Johnson is set on continuing building mega yachts of this type for the nearest future.

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