The British Pearl

PEARL YACHT LINE – is a British brand that manufactures luxury yachts. Every one of them is capable of becoming a real ‘pearl’ at any boat show or racing event.

These yachts are made for a having a good time. Luxurious cabins, modern body design, high-tech controls of the yacht itself and different on-board convenience systems, good reliable engine at last - all of these make PEARL YACHTS the best motor yacht manufacturer.

The company specializes on medium size yachts. Without the ambitions to be a star celebrity, not building something out of this world, this British yard is focusing on the quality filling of each yacht. The outcome speaks for itself – the innovative design, highly durable hull, and enduring motor, allowing to develop significant speed for such yachts, all-in-all optimal construction for easy handling. Even an amateur will feel like an experienced sea voyager behind the steering wheel of these yachts.

PEARL YACHT LINE motor yachts are capable to stagger everyone’s imagination and always get best reviews from the owners and the yacht show audience.

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