Pershing – the rocket of a yacht!

Pershing S.P.A. is a relatively young brand , an Italian manufacturer of unique motor yachts from 14 to 35 meters long. Its first boats were made of wood and were built by the company in 1981, in Lavagna, Italy. Later they started making motor boats, and after merging with Ferretti Group – the world famous yachts. Their first yacht was a Pershing 37, which draw attention by its energetic and streamlined shape and high-speed characteristics. The company’s president, Tilli Antonelli, from the very beginning thought, that the speed is the most important merit of his yachts and for almost 20 years he has believed in that idea. It was him, who came up with a slogan “To the Future in a yacht!”

The company delivers its boats to Italy, USA, Far East and specializes in premium class yachts.

One of the manufacturer’s latest creations is a Pershing 72 yacht, running the speeds of up to 44 knots per hour. It’s a hard-top, one half of which slides back and the other splits in the middle and slides to the sides. The cockpit and the cabin is divided by the glass partition.

The company’s designers spend a lot of time making impression of spaciousness and freshness in each of their models. Huge portholes, minimalistic style in furnishing and many other great features are the signature hallmark of Pershing.

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