Queen of yachting industry

ROYAL HUISMAN is a wharf that became internationally known as an exclusive one of a kind yacht manufacturer. It was founded in 1884 and only hundred years later it has gotten its second name – ROYAL. And it has been rightfully justified. ROYAL HUISMAN is a true queen of yacht building. While making custom order sail yachts, the company follows the traditions laid down more than a century ago.

These traditions are striving for excellence, personal communication with every client and close cooperation with the leading world specialists in the field of yacht building.

At the manufacturing plant as big as 30 000 square meters, there is a constant process of developing new technologies, implementing and creating of innovative materials and control systems. While focusing on building the sail yachts, the company does not ignore the comfort and safety aspects of the sea voyaging and completes each yacht with reliable and ergonomic systems. ROYAL HUISMAN yachts usually reach the lengths ranging from 30 to 90 meters. The employees of the company do not forget to keep on learning from the experience of legendary engineers and designers, even though they have already acquired great yacht building skills themselves.

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