SAILFISH - 30 years of maritime traditions

The American shipyard SAILFISH has been working since 1986. They are building the fishing vessels with a central and double console, as well as pleasure crafts. The company offers high quality boats that comply with the international and American standards. The vessels are in demand in the local market. Today the shipyard is expanding the market outlets and delivers the boats to other countries. The company is gradually developing a network of dealers.

The shipyard employs the high-class masters, some of them have been building the ships for the company since its inception. The specialists undergo regular trainings to meet the high requirements of modern shipbuilding. The technologies are changing, and the shipyard wants to keep up with the times.

It does not mean that the company is chasing the novelties - the shipyard has its own traditions that remain unchanged. They provide the company with the successful sales. Among the traditions there are a high requirements to the quality of the boats and a constant desire to improve the construction of ships.

The manufacturer uses the advanced materials to produce the yacht hulls. These are fiberglass and composites. The environmentally friendly nature of the manufacturing process can be provided thanks to molding. The yachts are characterized by high strength and resistance to external factors. All vessels that are produced by the shipyard, can be used for decades without losing performance.

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