Tiara - a quarter of a century of luxury boats

An American businessman, Leon Slickers, decided to end his career at AMF and to dedicate his life to the dream of making sailboats, so the family business was created.

On April 18th, 1974, the S2 Yachts Inc. was founded. Leon’s idea inspired a lot of people to take part in it, including his former colleagues and relatives. Slickers’ children were actively involved in the family business, even at the young age, later on acquiring the education involving shipbuilding.

A year later the company managed to start their sailboat line in the 7-8 m size. The models won a few racing and cruising competitions, which allowed them to expand the business due to the boats’ popularity.

In 1976, the family enterprise decided to begin the motor boat manufacturing, consequently the Tiara Yachts division was created. The interesting fact is that when the company finally decided to stop making their sailboats, customers couldn’t accept the decision and kept on demanding for the previous product line to be returned. The management caved under such pressure and the sailboat production resumed.

Sometime later, the company headed by Leon’s son, Robert Slicker, started to conduct his own business policy.

Tiara Yachts of today are excellent yachts made from modern fiberglass, they are 10-16 meters in length and belong to the small yacht class. All of them have a classic design, great sailing qualities and lavish interiors.

Their outstanding properties are backed by the fact that the exclusive Tiara Yachts model has a good reputation in the racing yacht segment. If speed is your dream, then Tiara is your yacht!

It is worth mentioning that the company has a great understanding of their customers. Not everyone will participate in racing events; some of us just prefer to enjoy the sun, the sea and the breeze. For such clients, Tiara makes recreational fishing yachts and boats from 9 to 10 meters in length.

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