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A Sport Fisherman is a boat that will present you with opportunity to catch your biggest fish yet and win any competition! A Sport Fisherman is not a commercial vessel. You won’t find any nets or other equipment for storing and processing the fish. Everything here is made very simple and convenient for the regular spinning enthusiasts: a spacious deck; not very powerful, but reliable motor; stable construction and cozy cabin.

You can take this yacht out for your everyday fishing, as well as for a serious fishing competition. The number of fishermen a deck can hold is restricted only by the size and deadweight of the vessel.

A Sport Fisherman can have one or two cabins, a full deckhouse with restroom, galley and even shower. Sometimes there is a full kitchen, where you can clean your fish. However, cabins are not a must on these boats. If you are not going to be spending weeks at fishing, you won’t need a cabin with a deckhouse.

Our yacht broker will help you look into and determine all the technical details for your future fishing yacht and buy it at a good price.

Fishing Yachts

If you are an avid fisherman and you enjoy basking in luxury while fishing, Shestakov Yacht Sales, Inc., has the perfect selection of fishing yachts to fit your taste. Our inventory features over 800 new and pre-owned fishing yachts for sale including these brands: Viking, Merritt Boat Works, Sea Force IX, Burger, Michael Rybovich, Jim Smith, Affinity Yachts, and more.

As experienced yacht brokers, we will help you with everything from locating your fishing yacht to financing, insurance, registration, negotiating the closing and sales transactions, legal support and even yacht maintenance pertaining to technical repair, etc.

Whether you’re looking to purchase or sell fishing yachts, in the U.S. or abroad, we have over 20 seasoned yacht brokers that are ready to assist you.

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