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There are not a lot of cruising sailboats out there, unfortunately. So if you haven’t found a sail cruiser that suits you, it is time you looked into cruising/racing sail yachts.

Cruising/racing sail yachts stand right in the middle between the cruising boats and the competitive racing sail vessels. It has all the advantages of both types: you can take it racing or go for a cruise out in the ocean.

The defining feature of these yachts is the speed. Not too overburdened construction and a lot of sails make them fast and easy to handle. However, you shouldn’t call it simple: they are definitely not made for beginners. For the most part, cruising/racing sailboats are equipped with very complex sail systems and take a lot of practice and experience to control.

Naturally, this type of yacht cannot compete with pure racing sailboats, for simple reasons the latter being much lighter. But the cruising/racing sailboats exceed the racing ones in comfort and other capabilities.

There are also some distinctions from the classic sail boats as well: multipurpose yachts are much lighter and faster. They are partly made for racing competitions. It is ideal for multiple day events. Buying this yacht won’t take much effort. The choice is very wide. In order to help you fully grasp understanding of the cruising/racing boat market and pick a suitable model, assistance of a yacht broker is preferable.

Cruisier -Racers

At Shestakov Yacht Sales, we have a collection of Cruiser-Racer Sailboats for sale that includes these brands: Maxi Dolphin SRL, Dutch Fitzroy Yachts, South Wind Shipyards, Nautor’s Swan, and more.

Cruiser-Racers are dual purpose boats that you can use for cruising and race competitively. These vessels are great cruising boats and are typically more rewarding to sail than many high-volume-out-and-out cruisers.

If you are looking to purchase or sell a new or pre-owned cruiser-racer sailboat, Shestakov Yacht Sales, Inc., will help you with everything from negotiating the price down to locating spare parts, hiring crew members and everything related to securing the cruiser-racer you desire. We are fully bonded and licensed yacht brokers that have worked with yacht connoisseurs from all over the world for more than fifty years and counting. We work with and have strong partnerships with large-scale yacht and sail boat manufacturers from all over the world and provide additional services such as assistance with legal support, financing, and more.

If you are looking for cruiser racers for sale or to sell or purchase any sailboat, yacht, or mega-yacht, call Atlantic Ship and Yacht today to work with an experienced yacht broker that will help you secure the best deal 954-274-4435.

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