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The term “Cutter” came from the verb ‘to cut’, obviously. It is easy to explain why, when speaking of sail yachts, their keels grow wider as they get closer to the stern and the boat literally cuts through the water.

But it is not the main feature of these boats. The vessel got its name from the shape of its aft-and-bow sail, which allows the boat to sail at acute angles into the wind, “cutting” through it, using the power of wind for the thrust.

Cutters have been known for a couple of centuries now. Even in the past, in times of heavy hulls and very complex rigs, cutters were fast and agile.

Nowadays, a cutter can be the ideal choice for racing competitions, as well as long cruises.

Having just one mast, the cutter allows you to take joy rides alone or together with company, even with unexperienced helpers. It is a very comfortable and compact yacht.

You should definitely buy it if you appreciate good sea keeping features and opportunity to travel without having to spend money on fuel. Our yacht broker will assist you in making your choice.

Cutter Sailboats are designed for speed rather than capacity and may be small or medium-sized vessels. The cutter is a flexible right and is easy to handle making it the first choice for cruising for many sailors. There are two types of cutter sailboats: bowsprit and no bowsprit. On the bowsprit version is normally found on heavy displacement sailboats and serves as a way to increase the size of the fore triangle without needed to extend the height of the mast. The no bowsprit version has the whole rig contained inboard.

Shestakov Yacht Sales has over 40 cutter sailboats for sale in stock including these brands: Oyster Marine Ltd, Carlini, Dufour, Deerfoot, William Fife and Son, Cherubini, Endeavour, and more. Whether you are looking for a new or pre-owned cutter sailboat we can help you make the best choice based on your specific tastes.

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