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A Deck Saloon is a small sailboat with one or two decks, made for short rides as well as for long voyages more than 7 days’. Yachts of this type are ideal for the leisurely, near-the-shore excursions. If size permits, you can even go out further in the sea. Many of the deck saloons are also equipped with a motor. An engine is an auxiliary method of reaching the shore in dead calm.

Deck saloons are great for vacations. Similarly to the motor yachts, they are used for diving off from and sun tanning. These yachts will do perfect for small parties, holiday gatherings and barbeques. There can be a couple of cabins, latrine and a galley. They are comfortable enough for long voyages. In most cases deck saloons are used for going out in the sea for a couple of days to fish, swim, spend some time in the company of friends or practice sailing.

If you intend to go out in the sea with your family, a deck saloon would be a great choice for you: here will find everything necessary for a top quality vacation for all members of your family. You can use the services of a yacht broker in order to help you pick your perfect yacht. He will also facilitate the closing of the deal.

Deck Saloon Sailboat

At Shestakov Yacht Sales, we have a collection of Deck Saloon sailboats for sale that includes these brands: Oyster Marine LTD, Dutch Yacht Builders, Jeanneau, Ian Franklin, and more.

One of the main advantages of a deck saloon sailboat is it’s considered to be “wife-friendly” referring to its luminous interior and uninterrupted horizon views which help prevent the “closed-in” feeling that contribute to sea-sickness. Deck Saloons consist of a raised coach-house on sailing boats and offer large panoramic and luminous windows giving you the ability to frequently glance outside to see what is going on. The deck saloon sailboat is also considered to be more comfortable for the average cruising family over a flush deck boat because of the visibility and roominess.

If you are looking to purchase or sell a new or pre-owned deck saloon sailboat, Shestakov Yacht Sales, Inc., will help you with everything from negotiating the price down to locating spare parts, hiring crew members and everything related to securing the sailboat you desire. We are fully bonded and licensed yacht brokers that have worked with yacht connoisseurs from all over the world for more than fifty years and counting. We work with and have strong partnerships with large-scale yacht and sail boat manufacturers from all over the world and provide additional services such as assistance with legal support, financing, and more.

If you are looking for deck saloon sailboats for sale or to sell or purchase any sailboat, yacht, or mega-yacht, call Atlantic Ship and Yacht today to work with an experienced yacht broker that will help you secure the best deal 954-274-4435.

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