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Motor sailor is a vessel that combines in itself the advantages of traditional boats and modern yachts. These yachts have one or two masts with sails and a motor. The motor and sails complement each other: with the help of an engine a yacht can go out in the open sea or move in dead calm, and the sail helps save the fuel and reach the shore on mere wind power in case you run out of it.

Many modern yachts that are exclusively made for sailing sport have a motor. It can help you get out of dire situations and get to your destination point at the maximum speed, but sail still remains its main ‘driving power’.

Motor sailor is a convenient choice for the beginning yachtsmen. If you’re just starting to learn to ride the sail boat, you should definitely buy one with an engine installed: you won’t regret it when you run into a difficult situation. Motor sailors are also in high demand with the experienced yachtsmen, who are looking for a full autonomy, but wish to have modern technology at their hands just in case.

To buy a yacht that meets all of your demands and requirements and arrange the deal you will need an experienced yacht broker. If you are set on purchasing a yacht with a sail and the motor, there is plenty of choices available!

A Motorsailer is also sometimes referred to as a Motorsailor and is a type of sailing vessel that uses both its sails and engine for propulsion. There are many large sailing yachts with an inboard engine, however they are not considered motorsailers because their main form of propulsion or power comes from their sail; and the engine is only used for maneuvering and auxiliary drive. Motorsailers are typically heavier-built than most larger sailing yachts.

Motorsailer for Sale

Shestakov Yacht Sales currently has the following motorsailers for sale: Perini Navi, De Amster, Blue Sea Maritime, YBM Shipyard Poland, Jongert, Bodrum, Vripack, Goerge Buehler Yacht, Fisher, Gulfstar, Cantieri Di Pisa, and other luxury brand motorsailers.

If you are looking to purchase a new or preowned motorsailer, Shestakov Yacht Sales will help you with everything from the negotiation process down to the delivery of your vessel to any port in the world. We offer our clients full representation and yacht listing services. As fully licensed and bonded yacht brokers, with over fifty years of superior client service, we have all of your yacht and boat sales and purchases covered.

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