Pilothouse Cutter For Sale

A Pilothouse cutter is a pleasure yacht with a sail and easy steering. It is controlled, as it says in the name, from the pilothouse. In the pilothouse, besides the controls and other equipment, there can be such things as furniture, kitchen cabinets and tools.

The pilothouse itself is situated on the bows with a spacious deck area astern.

A pilothouse cutter would be great for short trips, fishing and a couple of day’s long voyages. It will behave very well not only in the sea, but in the rivers as well: thanks to its compact size, the yacht can go through narrow ‘bottlenecks’ and even go against the current, in case it is equipped with a motor, of course.

Residents of the northern regions with access to the sea can also consider buying this type of yachts, as well as those, who prefer vacations on water all year around, not limiting themselves to one or two seasons. It will do great for day-to-day solo trips and bigger family outings and small companies. Servicing the yacht won’t take up too much of your time and it is quite easy to learn how to handle.

Choosing and buying pilothouse cutters is very simple, just make sure you use the services of our yacht broker. He will not only pick the right boat for you, but will also take care of signing the deal.

Pilothouse Sailboat for Sale

A pilothouse cutter was said to have evolved from the Bahama Mama keel design with an added Pilothouse for comfortable cruising, and an open spacious layout below. Cutter rigs are great for sailing in areas where wind is lighter. And is stable with moderate drafts. In addition, the pilothouse cutter provides protection from and elements and conserves crew energy.

Whether you are looking for a pilothouse sailboat for sale or to put your cutter sailboat on the market, Shestakov Yacht Sales, can help you with the sales process. We are fully licensed and bonded yacht brokers with national and international partnerships with large-scale yacht manufacturers. We will help you sell your yacht or find a new or pre-owned vessel to suit your needs.

Our services include locating the Pilothouse or Cutter Sailboat you desire and extend to assisting you with financing, legal support, the hiring of crew members, insurance and even locating dock space and spare parts if needed. We have been in business as yacht brokers since 1959, offering buying, selling, closing, and registration assistance to our clients. To find out more about our services and how we can assist you with the purchase or sale of a new or preowned sailboat or yacht, contact us today.

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