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Racing Sailboat, as it says in the name, is made for racing. The main goal for the designers of this type of yacht, when creating the boat, is the speed. And they readily sacrifice the stability and durability in the sake of aerodynamics. However, during the professional races, no problems usually occur. No matter how destructive accidents and crashes would happen, nobody will end up hurt, let alone the casualties.

Forced throttle and right tension in the joints, marginally low weight of the yacht, numerous sails, adjustments and settings that allow using all the power of the blowing wind, aerodynamic body shape – everything in here is made for winning.

Purchasing this kind of racing sailboat would mean entitling yourself with a lot of responsibility. Only experienced mariners that have already had time to master the handling of the sail yachts, wishing to learn even more, should consider buying it.

As a rule, racing sailboats don’t go too far offshore and don’t leave the bays. The trip itself is limited by the racing timeframe – a few hours or days. This boat is not well suited for longer journeys: here you don’t have all of your amenities that could be used in long voyages. Going out in the ocean with such a yacht is even more dangerous, than on the cruising sailboat.

You should buy a racing sailboat if your goal is participating in different racing events and getting new experience. It is ideal for those, who want to sharpen their skill and master all of the finer points of the sailing sport.

When most of us refer to yacht racing, we are referring to the racing of sailboats utilizing racing sailboats. Racing sailboats are specifically built with performance and speed in mind. When purchasing a racing sailboat, it is important to hire an experienced yacht broker to assure that you choose the right vessel to fit your racing needs.

If you are looking for racing sailboats for sale, we currently have the following brands in stock: Mc Conaghy, William Fife and Son, Marine Composite, Jeanneau, Farr Yacht Design, and more. As experienced yacht brokers with over 50 years of experience in the yacht and sailboat industry, we can also assist yacht owners with selling their pre-owned yachts or sailboats. Our client services extend past the sales process and include providing legal support, as well as financing and insurance, professional yacht maintenance, locating dockage, technical repair, and other services related to the sales, negotiation, and brokerage of racing sailboats.

We also specialize in the sales and purchase of new and pre-owned yachts, mega-yachts, super yachts, fishing boats, and most classes of luxury yachts or vessels. Whether you are looking for a racing sailboat for sale or to sell your racing sailboat or other yacht, we will help you get the best deal and make the right choice.

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