Tallships For Sale

Tallship is the term to define a big sail ship. It would be quite a stretch to call such vessel a ‘yacht’: the size of it is very large and you need a full crew to run it.

Tallships can have square, fore-and-aft and combined rigs. Vessels with square rigs are the frigates (or simply, the ships), barks, the brigs; combine rigs vessels – barkentines, brigantines; fore-and-aft rigged vessels are the schooners.

Tallships have at least two masts. The placement of the sails and as the result, ship’s performance, depends solely on its type. Thus, the frigates have at least one main mast, placed in the centre, foremast at the head, and the mizzenmast in the aft. Frigates have big capacity and autonomy, capable of covering long distances.

Owning a tallship is really a luxury. Not because of its size or the price: any mega yacht can be bigger and cost more money – it is mainly due to peculiarities of handling and servicing, that this type of yacht has earned such a reputation. A big sail yacht requires a large team of professional crewmembers and smart choice of mooring: because of its size the ship can easily be run aground.

If you intend not only to buy a yacht, but get a real sail ship at your disposal – it is quite possible. There are people out there who would readily sell you a frigate, a brigantine or a schooner.

A Tall Ship is essentially a large, traditionally-rigged, sail boat/ship with high masts, much like the ships you see hobbyists build inside bottles. Tall Ships come in different styles: schooners, sloops, full rigged ships, barquentines, ketches, brigantines, and brigs. There are two classes of tall ships that are based on size: ships over 131 feet in length fall under Class A ships, and ships between 30-131 feet in length fall under the Class B category.

Tall Ships

Finding Tall Ships for sale can often be a rare find. Many Tall Ships that you find for sale may have been around for quite a while, so it is imperative to deal with an experienced yacht broker that knows everything about these types of vessels.

Whether you are looking to buy or sale a Tall Ship, we can help you find exactly what you are looking for. We currently have a beautiful 152’ 11’ Kaskelot built in 1948, and a 132’ 2” Principe Perfieto built in 1943 for sale. Since we work with an extensive network of large-scale yacht manufacturers and brokers around the world, we are the first to know when new or pre-owned ships become available for sale – this is also a profound advantage for yacht or ship sellers. We are fully licensed and bonded to conduct purchase and sales transactions of yachts and ships worldwide.

Other services we offer include legal support, financing, insurance, and even the hiring of crewmembers and more.

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