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A Catamaran is a yacht with an unusual construction. It is made from two hulls, joined together by a common deck and motor.

A catamaran can be of any size and shape. Beside the motor, it is very common for a catamaran to have a sail and even paddles, when the size of it is not so big.

Among the obvious advantages of catamarans versus a regular boat, there are:

1. Very low displacement and large area on deck for cabins and living quarters. A light catamaran may have a deck which is two or three times bigger than the same weight single-hull vessel.

2. Stability- In order for the waves to overturn the catamaran they have to be very tall. Plus, two hulls can hold a vessel much better than a single one.

3. Functionality and comfort - Same catamaran can be used for fishing, diving, pastime and travelling. They are also very often used by pilots who love going solo: they prefer larger storage space.

Catamarans require some special navigation skills, but you’ll adapt to its peculiar feature right away. If you decided to buy a double-hull yacht, you have made a great choice! Now is the time to pick the model and contact our yacht broker.


Shestakov Yacht Sales, Inc., has a large selection of luxury catamarans for sale including these brands: Curvelle, Sabre Yachts, Sunreef, North Island Trawler, Dickson, Constellation Yachts, Horizon, Hudson, and more. We offer our clients full representation on all purchase and sales transactions from start to finish and even offer legal, and insurance support services.

Whether you are looking for catamarans for sale, luxury mega yachts or sailing yachts, we are your best option as yacht brokers. We have a team of over 20 experienced, licensed yacht brokers that know all the ins-and-outs of the yacht industry and who will help minimize the bureaucratic process to save you time and energy.

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