BAIA - the record holder in the works of speed yachts

BAIA is a brand under which the half-custom speed motor yachts are produced. Any vessel of BAIA will allow you to quickly get to the distant islands and cross the sea.

The BAIA Yachts shipyard was founded in 1961 in Italy, in the self-named town. The first yacht - Mericraft - was launched in the same year. This yacht, as the other ships in the next 10 years, was made of wood. In the early 70s BAIA was bought by Capasso, and the shipyard started to manufacture the plastic boats. One of the most successful was the 12-meter yacht. During this time the company produced over a hundred boats in the same hull. The following yachts - B33 and B50 - were widely known.

In the 90s the shipyard built the yacht of 80 feet in length, capable to develop the speed of 40 knots. Once again BAIA Yachts were ahead of the competitors, such as Itama, Leopard, Pershing, Overmarine and other manufacturers of the high-speed sports boats.

The new record was established by the company in 2007 when they produced the yacht Italia 70 that was able to develope the speed of 52 knots.

The speed is not the only point of attention of the shipyard. They build the boats that are suitable for travel in the open ocean. A typical example - BAIA XCLUSIVE - is a 74-feet vessel which cruising speed is 35 knots.

BAIA Yachts produces the yachts, successfully combining proven and new technologies. Each boat of BAIA has optimal speed characteristics.

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