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ISA YACHTS PROJECT is an initiative group, including the best engineers of Ancona and other mega yacht constructing specialist and architects. The company was founded in 1998 and first was specializing on innovative vessels.

The young age of this yard (16-17 years on the market is very insignificant, compared to the hundred year old companies) is fully compensated by the experience of its founders and other people who are working on building these new yachts. It only took three year from the moment the group was formed to the point when their first mega yacht with aluminum superstructure and steel hull was launched. Its length is 47.5 meters that was quite big for a brand new project.

The main goal of ISA YACHTS is inventing, testing and implementing the new technologies in the field of ship manufacturing. Keeping their focus on singular projects, the superyachts, and the company brings to life the bravest of the ideas in engineering, information technology and design.

High-tech streamlining, the capability of implementing the most unusual ideas and successful realization of large scale projects, strong reliability and meticulous quality control – these are the main reasons for the ISA YACHTS popularity as yacht manufacturer.

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