RICHMOND YACHTS - the large composite vessels

The RICHMOND YACHTS company was founded in 2003 by Don Davis. The founder acquired the Canadian plant for the production of ships in Vancouver on the Fraser River. Once the Sovereign Yachts company produced the vessels here. The company was renamed into RICHMOND YACHTS.

The shipyard began to produce the fiberglass vessels. The structures with multi-layer hull made of fiberglass and composites quickly captured the market. Due to the use of modern materials the shipyard became the leader. The manufacturer can produce up to four composite vessels with a length of 120-155 feet in the shortest period of time at once. The great site for the yacht production is also contributing.

In 2010 RICHMOND YACHTS launched a 150-foot triple-decker "Status Quo" - a successor to the 138-foot model (2003) under the same name. This is the largest yacht made of fiberglass and composites built in Canada. It accommodates 12 guests in six cabins and 10 crew members.

RICHMOND YACHTS continues to develop. The company supplies the ships to different markets. The vessels of this brand are in the particularly strong demand in the United States - it is a home to many connoisseurs of such ships that have become the customers of the shipyard. The company plans to continue the market capturing.

The manufacturer is trying to produce the best ships of large size made of modern materials. Up to date, the company has earned a good reputation - none of this yachts created the problems for the owner.

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