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The cockpit is an area or a compartment of an open or enclosed type where the pilot and the passengers can be seated. In cases, when it is situated between the bows and aft of the yacht, it is called the Center Cockpit.

Center Cockpit Sail Yachts are a pretty common type of sail yacht, most popular in the northern regions.

As it was already mentioned, the cockpit can be open or enclosed. The former presents a separate cabin with a view, the latter is just a certain walled off resting area on the deck for the passengers.

Center Cockpit construction has the following advantages:

1. The cockpit can be turned into a separate cabin with additional seats (or beds) for the passengers.

2. The cockpit is far away from the edges of the boat, and during storms it usually means that the passengers will be protected from the waves, even in an open compartment.

3. It is situated at the point that is the least prone to the pitching, as opposed to the aft or bow placement of the cockpit. Central placement will come in handy when you have inexperienced passengers, susceptible to sea sickness.

You should consider a center cockpit yacht if you intend to transport passengers. A Yacht broker will help make the buying process very simple.

The main advantage of Center Cockpit Sail Yachts is the space that it provides below the large aft cabin. We currently have these brand center cockpit sail yachts for sale: Little Harbor, Oyster Marine LTD, Irwin Yachts, Tayana, Amel, Hunter, Hinckley, and more.

Whether you are looking to purchase a new or pre-owned center cockpit sailboat or sell your own vessel, Shestakov Yacht Sales, Inc., can help you achieve your goals and find the yacht you desire. It is important to hire an experienced yacht broker, and we have been in business for over 50 years. We will help you with the negotiation and sales process, financing and legalities associated with yacht ownership.

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