Maximum comfort in any weather!

If a comfortable motor yacht is one of your interests; if modern technologies and top level of comfort are on top of your list, then you are a part of the target audience for the Absolute shipyard.

A short history of this manufacturer (the yard was founded only in 2002) is well compensated by the great experience of its founders. Among them is Marcello Byo, who began his career in yacht manufacturing in 1995 and has grown to the position of the Head Manufacturing Department, followed by the Head of Logistics Dpt. in GobbiS.p.A., as well as Sergio Maggie, who was famed for his innovative approach to the yacht building. It was Maggie who was behind the creation of the ISS system.

A union of an inventor and a smart manager has given birth to a new line of Absolute yachts, which has become famous in just a couple of months after the first yacht was made. By the most part, it was possible due to the innovative approach to the yacht building that allowed creating the immaculate yacht shapes, adding up to the newest technological manufacturing systems, the 3D designing and of course, the unsurpassed talent of its designer – Sergio Maggie.

Today the company sells its yachts through a network of distributors. The brand representatives are located in Italy, France, Portugal and Holland, Switzerland and even in Lebanon and Egypt. Russia is among the countries where the new line of Absolute yachts is being presented.

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