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Fairline is a well-known company in Great Britain, the country that gave so many famous explorers to the world. The boatyard has been working since 1967. Presently it makes their yachts together with design bureau of Bernard Olesinski. Over time, there even appeared such a notion as “Olesinski hull”. It is a sharp bow shape, prominent flybridge and flawless silhouette. Boat with Olesinski hulls are known for their seekeeping ability, speed and comfort.

Every Fairline boat presents a beautiful and technical build. There’s nothing excessive in the construction. All parts are made at the company’s own factories. The workers are very meticulous with the bodywork. It is enough to take one look and notice the continuing unbreakable wood pattern in all the interior details to understand how uniquely the job is done.

The interior is splendid and well thought through: there are no sticking out angles, the hand railings are everywhere they need to be. Fairline Yachts are designed to go in the great waters and are built in such a way that the crew wouldn’t even have to worry about safely returning home in one piece in any weather. You may use a sport yacht to take part in sailing regatta, a recreational yacht – to take a ride around the bay in good weather, but in order to cross the ocean you need a practical yacht. Fairline –exactly practical.

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