The Dream Hunter – fast and successful

American-born Hunter Yachts stand in front lines of the sail-yacht industry, due to their successful combination of high efficiency, comfort and competitive pricing. The company history that began in 1973 has been developing rapidly and uphill. Hunter Yachts has transformed from fishing vessels to sail boat manufacturer and then, in 2012, the company produced its first luxury sail yachts.

In every Hunter yacht and boat there is a traceable indication of the American ship making heritage, which goes in tune with the innovative design. Sturdy construction and desire to correspond to the customers’ expectations made the yachts so remarkable and significant in the sail yachts market segment. Regardless of your preferences: deep see voyages, coastal cruising or compact speedboat sailing, you will find the yacht that suits you at Hunter Yachts.

Once you stepped aboard a “Hunter”, you will surely be convinced, that sail sport is light, fun, carefree and comfortable, never mind the weather conditions. It is never too late to start living a dream!

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