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Cruising Sailboat is a boat intended for long cruises and expeditions. Compared to cruising ketches, the cruising sailboats allow its owner stay in the sea of the ocean for long periods of time. As a rule, the sailboats have a heavy body, strong masts and extra equipment for changing and repairing the sails. It is compulsory that cruising sailboats have navigation and radio devices installed.

At the same time cruising sailboats are extremely comfortable. Here you will find everything for you own comfort –latrine (toilet), galley (kitchen), couple of cabins, storage space. Even the boats built for two or three people are quite large: besides the stored supplies, there’s also some room for spare equipment.

Taking a cruise in such yachts are for people who are ready for some hardship. Modern equipment and technological upgrades make these boats safer, but a portion of risk still remains.

If you want to go cruising and have a certain experience in navigating sail boats, this is the yacht for you. When choosing a sail boat to buy, make sure to think of all the nuances and little details. Your yacht broker will assist you in this task.

Cruising Sailboat

Sailboats come in two basic types; racing and cruising boats. And then there are “cruiser-racer” hybrids which hover on the borderline between the two.

Racing sailboats are built for performance, whereas cruising sailboats boats are typically built to accommodate the needs and desires of those wishing to “blue water” cruise along the ocean on extended voyages, or inshore on lakes. Cruising sailboats are built for comfort and offer quite a few of the amenities one would be used to having at home, such as toilets, a fully functional kitchen (galley), and lots of other luxury items.

When it comes to cruising sailboats, Shestakov Yacht Sales, Inc., has an inventory of over 400 new and previously owned cruising sailboats for sale including these brands: Camper & Nicholsons, Oyster Yachts, Nautor, Dykstra, Windship Yachts, Holland Jachtbouw, William Fife and Son, and more.

Working with Shestakov Yacht Sales, Inc., is advantageous to sailboat enthusiasts because we have over 50 years of experience as yacht brokers and are connected with the largest yacht and sailboat manufacturers throughout the world. We assist our clients with the negotiation and closing of their purchases and will even provide insurance, legal and financing services.

Whether you are looking for a new or pre-owned cruising sailboat for sale, or to sell your own cruising sailboat, we will help you make the best choice.

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