The unsinkable manufacturer of the unsinkable boats

The BOSTON WHALER brand is well known to those, who prefer affordable boats and motor yachts that are no more than 12 meters long. Rather small, even compact, they are very well suited for people, who don’t want to spend a lot of money on yacht maintenance. At the same time, they are very safe and reliable.

In 1958 BOSTON WHALER became known in the United States and overseas. The popularity has been gained by the unsinkable 13 ft. yacht. The manufacturer was the first in the entire world to implement special technologies in yacht building and is still keeping the same innovative approach in its work to this very day.

One of the facts to back it up is the long time warranty on parts and hull. During 10 years after the new yacht was purchased, the company offers to replace the hull, even if the vessel has been sold. Same terms apply to the spare parts within the 3 years period after the sale.

The special attention is given to the safety of electrical wiring on board, made securely isolated copper with tin coating. Leave alone the unique construction of the hull with special Styrofoam filling that provides excellent insulation. With BOSTON WHALER boat your catch will last longer!

The main distinguishing feature of BOSTON WHALER yachts has been the remarkable ability to stay afloat no matter what. Using special Unibond technology that no other company in the world possesses, the shipyard keeps on building the safest fishing and recreational yachts and boats.

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