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In 1956 Henri Jeanneau of France, had built his first sailboat in his father’s workshop to take part in national boat racing event called “Six hours to Paris”. Thus began the history of yacht building company Jeanneau, which nowadays belongs to the club of the most famous sail and motor yacht manufacturers.

The main reason for company’s success lies in applying advanced technologies – it was Jeanneau who first built a motor boat made of fiberglass. The main role during the whole history of the company played a productive cooperation with the world known designers and skippers, which led to new project developments and technological advances on many occasions.

Jeanneau also played a substantial role in popularization and growth of yachting sport and recreation in 1960s. Sailboats and yachts under his brand took part in numerous regattas and received due recognition among the yachtsmen.

Jeanneaus’s pleasure boats and cruisers are notable for their reliability; see keeping abilities and first class design. The model line is regularly being renewed, the quality is being improved and the prices lowered, that makes them affordable for customers with different financial abilities.

Today Jeanneau is one of the biggest yacht manufacturers in France.

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